Camilla trained as a graphic designer and for many years balanced her artistic practise with a career as a picture editor. She has painted numerous commissions both at home and abroad, including a triptych for Blackwell’s Bookshop, Oxford, and a series of eighteen paintings of historic buildings found along the Freedom Trail in Boston, Massachusetts.

Now painting full time Camilla uses a refined palette of soft colours to create quiet and contemplative urban landscapes. Her drawings and paintings attempt to look beyond what is familiar. The urban environment is mostly overpopulated and cluttered. It’s a place we pass through but rarely stop to look at. Camilla prefers to remove contemporaneous distraction and allows us to see – often for the first time – the beauty of the built environment.

Camilla uses acrylic and ink on gesso. The porous quality and texture of gesso resembles the tactile exterior surface of the buildings she paints.

In 2014 Camilla was named Artist of the Year by Artists & Illustrators Magazine. She lives and works in South Oxfordshire, England.

We looked at thousands of great artworks during the first stages of judging but Camilla’s painting was one to which all the panel returned again and again. Was it the celebratory bunting and controlled splashes of paint that attracted us to it? Or was it the coolly refined colour palette? Maybe it was the deceptively simple composition and charming subject choice? Or perhaps it was the rigorous draftsmanship under all those painterly textures? In truth, it was all those things and more. This is a deserving win for a very promising artist.
— Steve Pill, Editor, Artists & Illustrators Magazine